Ceramic Xoloitzcuintle Piggy Banks

Ceramic Xoloitzcuintle Piggy Banks


Mexican ceramics
Full of vibrant colors
100% hand painted
Made in Morelos

Beautiful Mexican ceramics, 100% hand painted.
One of a kind Xoloitzcluintle piggy bank
21 cm tall
6 cm width

Keep in mind that these are handmade and will never be the same, every item is a piece of art and unique.

Todas las artesanias son unicas y especiales e irrepetibles, lo cual quiere decir que cada que compras una artesania adquieres una pieza que jamas se repetira.
Estos son productos diferentes a los demas y no existen piezas iguales.

It was believed that Xoloitzcuintles was the one who was in charge of accompanying the sun in its running through the kingdom of death in the same way that Xoloitzcuintle accompanies men through Mictlan.

In the first level of the underworld, the dead man had to cross a wide river called Apanohuaya and could be helped by his own dog as long as he had been good to him in life, otherwise he would not cross and he would remain without releasing his tonalli (destiny).

That is the amazing short story behind this beautiful Mexican dog. One of the most rare and unique dog breeds in the world.